Comment on The Muslim next door by Haytham Bhalo

Ignorance is the answer to the question why can’t we all co-exist.

Bob marley sang ‘Only a fool leans upon his own misunderstanding’. If you do not make any effort to know, then you shall forever perish in darkness. The quran asks ‘Are those who know and those who don’t (know) equal?’. Certainly not.

Thomas Jefferson taught himself arabic with his copy of quran that he had and held the first ever iftar in the white house. John Adams described Muhammad (s.a.w) as the number one inquirer after truth. Benjamin Franklin once said even if the mufti of constantinople were to send a preacher to propagate mohammedism, he would found a pulpit waiting for him. These were America’s founding fathers and their actions speak loud about Islam .

People misconcieve Islam as a religion that hates women, violent and detests scientific progress. They think we hate our women because we cover them in hijab and forget that they have nuns who cover themselves as our women. Why do the nuns do as such? And don’t they consider theirs holy?

Hinduism took over a thousand years to propagate, christianity took almost five hundred years to grow, so why did Islam take only hundred years to move different corners of the world if it’s not by the sword? They ask themselves. What they don’t know is Jihad has ‘Don’ts ‘ : no killing of women, children, elderly, animals, no cutting of trees etc.. So now what do they have to say about their crusaders who were going round killing anyone they come across? Burning everything in their way?

How can we be against scientific progress when algebra was as a result of a muslim scholar? What about the geography? Architecture?

They think all muslims are arabs! 61.9 goddam of us are not in the middle east!

Ignorance breeds hate my sister!

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