Comment on The Muslim next door by Hanan Enani

Well I told you’d I watch out for this and you did not disappoint. I do just want to say one thing. When I said I wanted to learn more, I was not saying I would not engage people and interact. I only meant still feel the need to grow as a muslim. Sometimes what I know is hard to communicate verbally for me, not to mention that sometimes you just don’t have enough knowledge to backup what you believe. So I’ve been educating myself. If I’m approached (wearing hejab; you’re almost always approached with questions) I have no problem answering questions and I have no problem saying “you know what, that’s a good question, I’d have to look into that to be able to answer that question correctly.” Also I believe in wearing hejab and going out the store, playground with your kids, or anywhere and representing islam through your behavior. But the question you asked me is still the hardest for me to answer how do I personally use my skills to “rebrand Islam”(I really like and I am stealing that btw, LOL). Do I start a site or do I make flyers and post them around town?!? I have been thinking about it since you asked and will continue to do so. I ask Allah everyday to guide me to the right path.

As for you other question…I love the philosophy of “Live and Let Live” I believe in Dawa but I believe in doing it in the right place at the right time and in the right way, which is not pushing on someone and making them feel uncomfortable or degrading them or what they practice, I believe that only Allah has the power to guide someone to islam. So yes I would stand up 100% by my fellow Americans(or anyone in the world really) to defend there right to practice what they choose. Because injustice and discrimination is intolerable for all and because in the end only Allah has the right to judge.

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