Comment on The 5 things I have learned (so far) that have completely changed my life by Thuweiba

Assalam alaikum Aunty. Mashallah I love the way you write, you really do have a gift…
Although I haven’t seen as much as others have in life, it kinda inspired me to share what I’ve learnt (so far) as well. 21 is already a confusing age only Allah knows what’s to come ahead insha’Allah…

1) Religion/ Faith is a key we tend to misplace

2) “Knowlegde is that which benefits, not that which is memorised.”

3) Parents – however they may be, are an essential part of your life

4) Gratitude, Sincerity and Simplicity

5) The inevitability of death

Inshallah I’d like to elaborate on these, but seriously falling asleep right now… It’s given me something to think about.

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