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Mine too! I just love the flow of words and she takes us to where her thoughts are. Literally!
I totally agree on the questions you asked about what about the girls not doing half of the stuff their male counterparts did! I did question that but was told its 3aib,blah, blah but alhamdulilah, I had strong trusting parents who still let us do things even though we had to tag along with mom and aunties but it was still so much fun! I do believe I was raised by a strong woman, aka my mama and inshAllah, Im trying to instill the same upbringing for my children who will also be conflicted between two cultures, ours and that of their birth country but still make it, hopefully a loving, trusting experience. Times are changing back *home* and you find that they are more *westernized* than us. And as you mentioned it, when leaving the country, thats when you truly fall in love with that place and appreciate all that you learnt in your childhood and hold that dear to your heart :) . PS: I tend to still have Mombasa *suspended* to the time I left for the first time and I usually get a *shock* whenever I go backNow that, is a completely different story

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